The MP700
Fellowship Program

University Fellowships in Fostering Cultural Understanding and Collaboration

Beyond Borders
The Transformative Impact of Study Abroad Initiatives on Cultural Exchange

In an increasingly connected world, the significance of cultivating cross-cultural understanding and fostering collaboration cannot be overstated. Fellowship programs that facilitate university students' study abroad experiences offer a wealth of benefits that transcend the confines of traditional classroom settings. These students, acting as ambassadors of their respective cultures, not only play important roles in cultural exchanges.  A deeper level of people-to-people diplomatic engagement can be established through their interactions.  

MP700 Fellowship
Connections for Future Collaborations

Students participating in the MP700 Fellowship Program can immerse themselves in diverse cultural contexts.  This experience will help them dispel cultural stereotypes and uncover shared commonalities of people of different ethnic backgrounds. The relationships forged between these students and their host communities often evolve into enduring partnerships and collaborations. These personal connections are the foundation for future business ventures, research collaborations, and diplomatic initiatives.

The Impactful Journey
MP700 Fellowship's Role in Global Cultural Exchange

The MP700 Fellowship program that supports students' study abroad experiences is not merely an educational opportunity but a powerful instrument for bridging nations and promoting cultural exchange. This Fellowship Program follows the footprint of Marco Polo and specifically targets participating universities in the cities along this century-old route. This Fellowship provides financial support to qualified students from various academic disciplines, particularly emphasizing the humanities and fine arts. It offers travel and living allowances, enabling students to engage fully in their study abroad experiences.


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Second Co-Chair MP700 Fellowship Program: Vacant