Celebrating 700 years of Marco Polo’s legacy in 10 Silk Road Cities

Along the footsteps of the explorer who opened up trade and cultural exchange between the East and the West, we build the path for the future.

MarcoPolo700 is a global
initiative with a universal message

In an analogue and digital interactive travelling exhibition of the world’s most coveted masterpieces, it unites today’s forefront of cultural expertise and ownership.

Global Harmony

On a voyage from Venice through Istanbul to the Middle East, Shanghai and Singapore, our inclusive curation of top-tier artworks aims to unify continents in their centuries-old expression of humanity’s fundamental quest for growth. We strive to hold up Marco Polo’s historical blueprint for the simple truth that differences must be embraced for wealth, art and knowledge to flourish.


Following Marco Polo’s courageous journey to pursue an open exchange of culture and goods, MarcoPolo700 celebrates the Venetian merchant’s spirit of vivid trade and learning without limits.


In practical testimony to this mission, MarcoPolo700 Foundation will additionally organize annual digital art competitions for students among participating cities. Dedicated to the next generation’s outlook, this educational ambition is to foster creativity and technological understanding, while promoting appreciation of different cultures.

Annual digital art
MarcoPolo700 Foundation will organize annual digital art competitions for students among the participating cities.

These competitions can foster creativity, promote cultural exchange, and inspire understanding and appreciation among diverse groups."

High Schools will be nominated by Silkroad
cities & towns in regions such as:
Sri Lanka
Masterpieces from:
Leonardo Da Vinci
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Qing Dynasty artists and more...
Shanghai and more...
The roadshow
In celebration of the 700 year anniversary of Marco Polo’s passing, MarcoPolo700 is organizing a very unique exhibition celebrating
lively trade, cultural exchange, creativity and education.

The cornerstone of the travelling exhibition is a unique traveling digital and physical art curation featuring artworks rarely been seen in public before.

The exhibition will visit 10 major cities along Marco Polo’s footsteps starting in Venice, Italy finding its way to China.

The exhibition will be complemented by an innovative digital platform accessible from anywhere.

Immersive metaverse experience
VIP membership tiers
Global digitisation strategy
Opportunities for corporate sponsors and individual supporters
focus on
Immersive digital experience
An immersive digital experience will ensure global access to the unique exhibition 24/7
Digitization strategy
Benefit from additional access and unique experiences thanks to the innovative digitization strategy
Advertising opportunities
Become a corporate or individual supporter and take advantage of the digital as well as physical advertising opportunities
Bridging the Past and Present through Global Research Collaborations

Our MarcoPolo700 Foundation's research focus will be connecting the historical research on MarcoPolo's iconic journey to the East with current-day contexts by various researchers from Italy, France, Germany, U.K., Japan & China.

Our Foundation seeks for continued funding for expanded research focusing with special emphasis on cross border collaboration amongst researchers from Università Ca' Foscari of Italy, Durham University of U.K., Université de Toulouse of France, Universität Stuttgart of Germany, National University of Singapore & Beijing University of China.

Our Foundation aims at bringing MarcoPolo's story into meaningful dialog from East to West, as well as from West to East amongst diverse EastWest's cultures, histories, religions, norms, and languages.

Our Foundation is working to inviting international MarcoPolo researchers from UK, Europe, Turkey, Middle East and Asia in collaboration with art historians, modern linguists, anthropologists, free trade policy makers, global economists, etc. to examine historical manuscripts, artefacts, old maps, arts which had lasting legacy on intercultural understanding especially at times of global tensions and wars dividing peoples in various region of the world.

Fostering global collaborative excellence we value our esteemed strategic partners


UNESCO, or the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, is a specialized agency within the United Nations system. Established in 1945, UNESCO's mission is to promote international collaboration in the fields of education, science, culture, and communication.

Hong Kong International
Family Office Association

HKIFOA’s mission is to facilitate the growth and professionalization of family offices in Hong Kong and Asia, and to enhance the understanding and awareness of family office services among high-net-worth individuals, business owners, and other stakeholders.

CitiesConnected, Hong Kong

A non-profit social enterprise based in Hong Kong, focusing on promoting collaboration and exchange among youth in the Greater Bay Area. The organization actively engages with international youth organizations to address global issues related to sustainable development.


At OnchainLabs, our vision is to revolutionise the way businesses and brands utilise the power of blockchain technology to drive innovation, transparency, and trust in their products and services. 

Università Ca’ Foscari, Italy,

Located in Venice, Italy, a prominent public research university known for its emphasis on humanities, social sciences, and economics. Established in 1868, it holds a rich history and a reputation for academic excellence and is recognized for its commitment to research, innovation, and international collaboration.

Education Innovation Research Institute In Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong

A research institution focused on advancing educational innovation. Committed to exploring cutting-edge approaches in teaching and learning, the institute aims to contribute to the development and improvement of education.
Kevin Adeson
CEO & Board Member
”the MarcoPolo700 Foundation unites people through the positive acknowledgement of our shared history and cultural diversity. By engaging with Marco Polo's journey, we inspire and celebrate collaboration among all generations and geographies”
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Kevin Adeson
CEO & Board Member
Rupert Gather
Board Member & Independent Trustee
John Orchard
Board Member & Independent Trustee
George Lam
Board Member & Independent Trustee
Shelley Lewis
Co-Chair Middle East Committee
Sehee Kim
Co-Chair Digital Creative
Frederik Kragh
Head of Digital
Anderson Chan
Strategy and Partnership, Asia
Florian Ehrbar
Chief Operating Officer & Compliance
Marcello Bolognari
Head of Research
Bigna Pfenninger
Co-Chair Art and Exhibition Committee
Rob Kettlewell
Fund Raising
Simon Je
Co-Chair Family Office Committee
Grace Adeson
Art and Exhibition Committee
Kevin Adeson
CEO & Board Member
Kevin Adeson, the visionary leader and CEO of MarcoPolo700 Foundation, brings a wealth of experience from his distinguished career.

Formerly the Head of Leveraged & Acquisition Finance-Europe at HSBC Mr. Adeson has seamlessly transitioned to spearhead MarcoPolo700, a global initiative with a universal message.
Rupert Gather
Board Member & Independent Trustee
Rupert Gather, InvestUK Group founder, a leader in UK foreign direct investment with 360 deals and £220M FDI raised. Expert in corporate finance and venture capital, he advocates for the UK enterprise economy. As an Independent Trustee for Education, he focuses on improving outcomes for disadvantaged children and chairs a Multi Academy Trust. Rupert's diverse expertise aligns seamlessly with our mission.
John Orchard
Independent Trustees
John brings his rich leadership and financial expertise as OMFIF's CEO and former Euromoney board member. With a strong background in strategic oversight and financial management, he's adept at steering organizations. His double honors degree in German language and European history reflects a broad academic foundation. John's diverse skills align seamlessly with The Marco Polo 700 Foundation's mission, enriching the team's perspectives.
George Lam
Board Member & Independent Trustee
CEO of a global investment firm and Independent Trustee, George is renowned for financial acumen and strategic leadership. Active in philanthropy and aligned with The Marco Polo 700 Foundation's mission, he holds advanced degrees in finance and economics. A thought leader in international conferences, George currently chairs the UN Sustainable Business Council in the Asia Pacific, showcasing his commitment to sustainable development alongside his contributions to education and the Foundation.